Deborah started out as a patient of Tong Ren and really understands the struggles of chronic illness and pain. As a result, she began taking Tong Ren Therapy classes and seminars and then she enrolled in massage therapy school to gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy and physiology.  When she began Massage Therapy school, Deborah turned her focus toward the correlation of the Tong Ren points and the human body and it's many systems and functions.  After graduating Massage Therapy school, Deborah went on to continue her education with Tom Tam and Monica Calvo of the Oriental Cultural Institute where she studied The Tom Tam Healing System; including Tong Ren Therapy, Tui Na, Guasha, and Cupping. She learned the AcuStone Method (developed by Monica Calvo) with Monica Calvo and then obtained her certification in Cupping Therapy from the International Cupping Therapy Association.  Deborah considers herself a forever student; she continues to study with Tom Tam and is constantly honing and increasing her skills as a healer.  She is strongly convicted that Tong Ren Healing is a powerful medicine of the future as it has the ability to heal diseases, illness, and syndromes that are otherwise considered un-treatable.

For as long as Deborah can remember, she has had the gift of being a healing intuitive and after much encouragement (she was frequently told that she was a "reluctant Shaman") she learned to cultivate, embrace, and share her ability for healing.  Deborah utilizes her guides and intuition along with the Collective Unconscious, (a term coined by Carl Jung, referring to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species) of Tong Ren in her healing work.  These healing sessions have been described as relaxing, restoring, grounding, empowering, powerful, and healing.

Deborah has a heart for both animals and people and seeks to provide a safe, sacred and healing space for each and every treatment session.

Deborah Bilo Tong Ren Florida, New Hampshire

Deborah Bilo, tong Ren Therapist, LMT, Spiritual Counselor-Ordained Minister

Tong Ren Florida