I love you dearly, and I hope you know that I am a huge fan of your abilities with Tong Ren, body  work, energy work, and with the animals too.  You are so gifted, compassionate, and what a delight to come to get to know you.  I have come to realize, in just a short time (to my delight and surprise), that  I can trust you           with my life and anything else - implicitly.  (This is a rare thing sometimes in our culture.)  The relief and healing you have brought into my life is real, and lasting.  (I know I still have to brush my teeth, move around,drink lots of water, don’t smoke, etc. and do some fundamentals of taking care of myself to do my part, but I was doing that before you, so your intervention and help was a big key in pushing me over the edge toward wellness and balance.)  Your intentions are so pure and your results are true and speak for themselves.  I hope you know that you have been instrumental in the strides that I have made in my progress with becoming  more functional and have rekindled hope for a more full recovery from lyme and “thriving” and not just “surviving”, and rekindled my faith and knowing that there are good and gifted healers / people in this world that truly want to help and can actually help in a real and profound way.  I can honestly say that you have saved my life, as, at one point before your arrival into my life,  I just contemplated “How can I gracefully leave this planet without causing a violent heartbreak to those few that I am so lucky to have loving me on this planet right now.”  I don’t think that way much (if at all) anymore.  And that, in and of itself, is a HUGE and profound change – from persistent deep physical pain and depression to actually tasting real and lasting relief  and hope.  I am living a different life, thanks in great part to you.  And all your help with the health issues of my three cats has been such an amazing and ongoing gift.  With my animals, it is great to not have to spend so much time at the vet for them and pump them full of toxic allopathic “medicines” that do nothing to relieve their issues and cause them distress and are costly.  Your services have saved me money and worry and stress and    my kitties are happier and healthier too.   Love you dearly and am so grateful to you beyond what words can convey.

Diana M., California

Sometimes life lines you up with some pretty beautiful beings. I am so very grateful to have connected with a gifted, caring, loving, compassionate and giving person. Deborah you are beyond amazing ... Saying Thank you doesn't touch the tip of the ice berg of gratitude I have for you these past months ...

Trish Mulcahy O'Donnell


I heard about Deb Bilo through a wonderful friend of mine. I had been having chronic sciatic pain, and eventually surgery to remove a benign mass from my left hip. However, since the surgery, I just had that "not right" feeling. My hips were achy if I sat in certain positions for too long, and my mobility was greatly limited. If I moved incorrectly, I was prone to nerve pain, which is unbearable. I am 23 years old and I felt like I was 90!
Deb Bilo worked on me for 3 consecutive treatments and I felt great after each treatment- Relaxed, clear-headed, and happy! I was at my crossfit box and my coaches told me they "noticed a complete 180 in mobility", very suddenly. I was flexible in my hips again! I felt less stressed despite stressful events in my life. In fact, my Dad had a stroke last month, and Deb worked on him for me. She even came with me to Boston to work on him. He has been improving, and very responsive to Tong Ren.
She has been a life saver for me with the stress of the situation as well. She truly cares about people and has an innate sense of extreme empathy! She is honest and upfront about how many treatments it will take- No more weekly expensive visits for treatments with temporary results! The relaxation from the sessions are amazing, even without a specific health issue. She is undoubtedly a life-saver for anyone living in today's fast paced world. If you're considering trying Tong Ren with Deb Bilo, do it! You will not regret it!

Kara Dello Russo


I am writing to express my gratitude to  and for Deborah Bilo and for tong ren which has helped my precious kitty Seamus very much.  last August Seamus (who was eighteen at the time) became very sick and refused to eat and was diagnosed with kidney disease.  I was devastated and worried for him I had heard of tong ren and I found Deborah and called her in a panic,she was very kind and caring and did an emergency appt. for him even though that very same day her own dear dog had passed away.  she did tong ren for Seamus kidneys and also to stimulate his appetite as the appetite stimulants had not worked that the vet gave him.  while she was tapping, he ate .Six months later,Seamus is here and Deb taps for him as well as for myself and my other kitties.  we had a big move and trauma recently and the tong ren calms my kitties down and helps them to adjust and calms me down and helps me to sleep.  Deb is always very kind,encouraging,patient, and is very knowledgeable and  helpful  .she and tong ren are so helpful to both my kitties and to me..

Diane Driscoll



Tong Ren Florida